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Minecraft Game Servers

Blazing Fast Minecraft Servers


We specialise in high performance FTB Minecraft Servers. All of our servers are hosted on enterprise class hardware and we use Xen VPS technology to ensure your resources are dedicated. Additionally full root access, dedicated IP, Webmin control panel, and MyMcAdmin Pro are all standard with every game server we sell.

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Bukkit Inside

Bukkit - Included!

Bukkit is a free, open-source, software project that provides the means to extend the popular Minecraft multiplayer server.

Every Game Server we sell comes preloaded with Bukkit. This allows you to load tons of plugins to extend what you can do in your minecraft world.

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Feed The Beast Minecraft Servers

Feed the Beast - Included!

Feed the Beast started out as a custom map in Minecraft and made use of many tech mods. As the beast grew, it started to fork into many different mod packs including FTB Lite, Ultimate, etc.

In 2012 the Feed The Beast MC launcher was blessed upon the world and development continues to grow thanks to a dedicated FTB community.

Every Game Server we sell comes preloaded with Feed the Beast launcher. It offers you the best in class eviroment to host you own server. Or you can bring the whole clan, we have plans to support any number of users.

Unlock your potential, Feed the Beast!

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McMyAdmin comes standard with every Minecraft server we sell.

McMyAdmin - Included!

McMyAdmin is the leading web-based control panel for managing your Minecraft server. It offers the ability to stop and start your server, manage users, view memory and CPU statistics, automatic saves and backups, and detailed configuration of everything you can think of ever configuring on a Minecraft Server.

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Every Game Server comes with Webmin for easy system administration.

Webmin - Included!

Webmin allows for easy administration of your linux VPS. Its intuative GUI easily guides you through even the most complex of system administration tasks.

Every Game Server we sell is a full fleged Linux VPS. You can use it for more than just Minecraft if you want to. To make it easy for you to manage your server, every build comes with Webmin preinstalled.

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  Minecraft Game Servers